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Pop Up Bakery!!!
Stock up on naturally leavened baked goods

W/ Vegan and Non-Gluten Options

Come by this Friday, May 12th between 2:00 - 6pm! 

Here's What I'll Be Baking

Country Loaf (V)

My take on the popular Country Loaf includes all organic, heirloom wheat. I use a blend of different varieties including 30% whole wheat. The dough is mixed the day before and cold proofs overnight in the refrigerator. My aim is to produce bread that is not overwhelmingly sour, but well balanced. This staple can be used for all your favorite bread needs. 


Toasted Sunflower & Flax (V)

This has been a real favorite bread. The deep flavor of the toasted sunflowers combine with the flax to make a surprisingly soft and flavorful bread. This bread makes fabulous sandwiches or as an accompaniment to a spread of chee


Chocolate Cherry (V)

Bloomed cocoa powder, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chunks........just saying.

Baguette (V)

I use a similar blend of flours for my baguette as I do in the country loaf, with a smaller percentage of whole wheat. Baguettes are certainly best the day they are baked, but due to the natural fermentation process, some have enjoyed this bread for several days. As with all good baguette I'm aiming for a thin cracker like crust, and light and creamy interior. Because, baguette. 

Liza's Bread (V,GF)

I developed this bread for my dear friend who had a very strict diet, and found that most Gluten Free bread was full of additives and ingredients that were equal to or greater than the trouble with gluten. Determined to make a GF bread for her that wasn't dry and flavorless, I created this sourdough loaf. The bread includes a blend of 4 freshly milled gluten free flours (millet, oat, sorgham, and brown rice) and is combined with: a brown rice sourdough leaven, sprouted buckwheat groats, sprouted golden flax seeds, psyllium husk, a touch of agave, and topped with sprouted pumpkin seeds. I can safely say that this is not your ordinary bread. Nutrient dense, and yet still somehow moist and light with a cripsy crust. I'm very proud of it.

Power Buns (V,GF)

These wonderful little breads are made with the same ingredients as Liza's Bread, and baked in a muffin tin. These conveniently sized breads are great for breakfast, with a soup, in a lunch box, or out on hike.


English Muffins

These sourdough english muffins are include some whole wheat, and fermented for 30 hours. Enriched with a bit of butter and milk, the muffins have deep flavor, and a soft, (dare I say fluffy), texture. Breakfast sandwich anyone?


Soft Crust Sandwich Loaf

This sandwich loaf is made with a the same organic, heirloom flour as the country loaf with the addition of milk and butter, and baked in a loaf pan. The result is a wonderfully soft and delicious bread that is easy to cut, easy to sandwich, and easy to eat, crust and all.

***Non-Gluten Products not suitable for people who have allergies, they are made in the same space as wheat 

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