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  • Does my bread share roll over to the next month?  No.  You need to sign up & pay for each month as it becomes available and listed. We'll send you a friendly email reminder when next months orders are available for sign-up.
  • Is Lisa's Loaf gluten-free certified? No. It is made in a facility that also processes wheat.
  • When do I pick up the bread? Liza'a Bread (made with gluten free ingredients) can be picked up on Wednesday's after 12 p.m. The other bread will be ready for pick up on Fridays after 12 p.m. The bread will be stored in a locker with a code that you can access until the next week when the bread will be replaced.
  • Are your breads vegan? Yes
  • What if I can't pick up my bread?! Just like a CSA, if you can't pick up your bread then send a friend!
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