Frequently asked questions

How Often Do You Bake Bread?

Bread comes out on Thursdays, and is ready to be picked up by 2 p.m.

Can I Buy More Than 1 Share?

Yes! Shares are first come first served until there is no more room in the oven and no more hours in the day :)

Is Your Gluten Free Bread Suitable For People With Celiac Disease?

Unfortunately no. All the ingredients are gluten free, however they are made in the same facility as other wheat based products.

How Is Your Bread Different From Other Bread

All the bread is made with a natural leaven (also called a sourdough starter). However, this does not mean that the bread is overly sour. The bread is also made with: -100% heirloom flour -all the whole wheat portions are stone ground fresh for each batch -mountain spring water -celtic sea salt. The bread also undergoes a long slow cool fermentaion period overnight in the refrigerator to promote the develpment of flavor and digestability.

Can I Get A Loaf Even If I Have Not Signed Up For a Share?

It is possible but no guarentee. But do get in touch and see if we can work something out. One off loaves will cost $10.

Where do I pick up the bread?

The pick up location is at 3600 Pearl St. #1, Boulder, Co 80301 at the North East side of the grey building. Look for the metal carts with the packed up bread with your name on it.