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Michael's Bread 

I started baking organic heirloom naturally leavened (sourdough) bread 3 years ago, because I wanted my family to eat better, more nutritious bread. From the first loaf I baked, I have been enraptured beyond logic, reason, and strategy. During the early days of the pandemic I found my way into hand delivering bread that I baked one at a time to a small group of friends and extended family. The list grew larger and larger, and finally I took the leap into a full fledged bread business supplying both wholesale and direct to the community through the monthly bread share. I never expected this, however I am inspired everyday. I make this offering to you as one human to another with appreciation for this life, planet, each other, and this fleeting moment. May it be good.


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The Bread Share

Like a CSA for bread! Order by the month or longer and get a weekly offering of naturally leavened, heirloom, stone milled, organic, long fermentation, artisan bread. 

Sign up for a month (or more) of bread,
pickup fresh bread each week.
What is a bread share??

Bread Share Pickup Location

3600 Pearl St. Unit 1.

Boulder CO, 80301


Wednesdays 12pm  Liza's Loaf pickup

Fridays          12pm  Country Loaf pickup

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