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Our Story 

Michael's Bread 


I started baking organic heirloom bread, because I wanted my family, two daughters, to have healthy bread. Baking out of our home kitchen and delivering bread to family and friends on my bicycle. 

Passion and personal challenges have given rise to this monthly offering of delicious and wholesome bread. I never expected this. However, now that I find myself here I am enraptured beyond logic, reason, and strategy. I make this offering to you as one human to another with appreciation for this life, this planet, each other, and this fleeting moment.



The Bread Share

A weekly offering of naturally leavened, heirloom, stone milled, organic, long fermentation, artisan bread. 

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For your Cafe or Restaurant 

Serve sourdough bread, made from organic, heirloom, locally sourced grain in your Cafe or Restaurant.



Bread Share Pickup Location

3600 Pearl St. Unit 1.

Boulder CO, 80301


Tuesday 10am – 2PM WHEAT-FREE pickup

Thursday    09:00AM – 10:00PM COUNTY LOAF pickup